What is SEO: Definitions, historical references and implementation

Search Engine Optimization (more commonly referred to as SEO), arrived with search engines, especially Google in 1995, which aim to provide the user with a result based on what he is looking for. The challenge of a SEO strategy for a content site these days needs a solid editorial policy and 

critical analysis of the elements of a SEO strategy. 

The importance of SEO

These days, when we talk about e-commerce, the subject of SEO marketing goes hand in hand.

But there is a problem: even SEO specialists cannot convince companies to use SEO in their businesses using simple and understandable arguments. 

Forward for our immersion in the world of SEO! If you want me to introduce you to SEO in one sentence, say: “You are an SEO expert when you get something to emerge outside of the virtual world, intelligently by transforming this on your website (or your web pages) and that you are able to share it with Internet users in the best possible way ”.

For entrepreneurs I would say that SEO according to the following steps:

  1. Search engines are not humans. We need to help them navigate and index our pages. On this subject, we’ll invite you to watch interviews of the experts on SEO.
  2. Find internet users’ problems and needs in your field of activity.
  3. Talk about your solutions in the form of content clear and actionable.
  4. Offer this content on web pages by taking counts readers’ expectations first, and then

search engines like Google.

The concept and elements of SEO

When considering SEO, the first ideas that come to mind are on-page and off-page, keywords, content and other similar actions on a website. We are always told that the content is king. This is not true if you are the only one reading and visiting this content. Most important, these are your goals and objectives. If you really pay attention to the concept of SEO, you will quickly realize that alone a small part concerns these interventions detailed above. But if you ask which methods or techniques are most important, my answer not going to please you: all.

It will all start with better content and the best products. 

  • By presenting and approaching the company with the reflections required by SEO. 
  • By planning. 
  • By observing several important factors that vary depending on the type of goals and subjects. 

These elements necessary for on-page SEO are just the beginning. In order to increase popularity and reputation, it is necessary to have links internal and especially external, those called backlinks and which are the most important to give visibility to the specific content you publish.

Creating links will make you popular on the net. Do you agree with that the only popular businesses can be successful? Before embarking on a backlink hunt, you have to analyze and think carefully. If you need more information and are just starting out SEO, we suggest you keep in touch with Enigma. I dare tell you that the SEO is like an essential source that you should always refer to before launch your online business, during sales but also marketing. 

The answer is quick and simple! Can you win a fight without technique? Bargaining is like a battle on the battlefield. As during of a battle, in which thousands of small and big competitors can make you sink through a very simple technique at any time. Through Therefore, online marketing is the battleground that you cannot use. Without assimilating SEO knowledge and skills, you cannot

can’t win the battle of online marketing.

Major SEO tools 

If you do not have a competitive advantage, it is better not to participate in the race. You will take a big step forward when you take into consideration that there are strengths and weaknesses in each area. To monitor and analyze your competitors, many SEO tools can be used. This is essential, otherwise your rivals will do it themselves and you will eventually disappear from the market. 

First of all, you need to detect all your competitors’ SEO plans by carefully analyzing your business and that of your competitor. Then, you with the help of the professionals in the field have to assemble the best strategists in a team in order to put in place the plan that will work best for you.

The lack of strategy in implementation of the SEO tools leads a company to rest on assumptions. And as Peter Drucker says, “Bad assumptions are the root of all chess”. The problem with unsuccessful online businesses is that these people start with assumptions and ideas. Regardless of conditions and precise forecasts, they give up their business after a certain time, lose thousands of dollars and are frustrated. Based on the experience and knowledge in terms of SEO strategy and techniques, the best results will be guaranteed. 

Traditional pillars of SEO

Any SEO strategy will be based on these three essential components:

– Technical. This first part, which often preexists in the following, makes it possible to make the site perfectly accessible for engines. The technique will be very important in especially during the SEO audit. Be careful, because bad technique can prevent the implementation of optimization actions.

– Content. The aim here is to optimize a text so that it is recognized as quality by search engines, but also and above all by users. It is difficult and expensive to offer good, interesting and well-written content. Many sites do not still offer no content with real added value. We will however see that it is the cornerstone of good SEO.

– Popularity. This notion is also particularly important. Popularity follows from links made on the site by external sites. Google inciting links from quality, we will see that it is still difficult today to acquire them.