The Internet – An Outline of Its History


The Internet – An Outline of Its History

The Internet has become a vast global network that links computers all around the globe. Through the Internet, individuals can communicate with each other and share data from any part of the world with an Internet connection. In the past, the Internet was used mainly for research and educational purposes but now the Internet has many uses in our daily life.

The very basic function of the Internet is to transfer data packets or information between two or more computers. This is done through the process of digital packet transmission. Basically, the Internet works on the principle of data packets. These data packets are actually packets of data that are sent and received by means of a network. In order to prevent these data packets from being lost, a certain amount of data assurance is needed and this is provided by the internet service providers (ISPs).

There are basically two kinds of Internet service providers, cable companies and satellite companies. With the passage of time, there have been changes made in the protocols to transfer data packets. This has given birth to the concept of ‘cloud computing’. With the help of the technology called ‘cloud computing’, many people can host their data on the servers of different internet service providers. This is done so as the users do not need to buy any expensive hardware and the equipment needed to maintain the servers.

The most important role of the ISP is to provide internet connection to the user. Now-a-days the role of the ISP becomes quite flexible and is also capable of providing internet connection to the user via a cell phone or wireless device. This is done so as the ISP provides internet services via wireless devices such as Bluetooth or radio frequency. In the past, the ISP was the sole provider of internet but with the evolution of information technology, the role of the ISP is not confined to supplying internet service. Nowadays, many people even own their laptops which can be used to access the internet using a different web browser. This trend has increased the demand for an internet connection via a wireless device such as a laptop.

One of the most significant types of internet workstation is a work computer. The work computer can be referred as the client, as it is the device that requests for an internet protocol (IP) address from the ISP. This request is handled by the ISP and then the IP packet is transferred from the client to the ISP. In order to make the internet work, the packet transfer protocol must be properly implemented and all necessary elements such as encryption and authentication must be present.

There are many advantages associated with IP packets and one of them is that there is no congestion of traffic on the network. The larger the number of IP packets used, the greater will be the bandwidth. Hence, the more IP addresses used, the faster will be the transfer of packets. There are several types of networks and they are fibre optic networks, circuit-based networks, DSL networks, ASN and VoIP networks among others.

The most popular internet application is the World Wide Web (WAN). There are several ways to connect and work with WAN. The most popular way to connect to the internet is through a computer network. Some common types of computer networks are dial-up, DSL, cable and satellite. There are also other forms of WAN like wireless network, packet data transmission, cellular phone networks and the Local Area Network (LAN).

There are two major forms of WAN namely, public and private networks. The main difference between the two is that the private networks use a lot of resources such as space, power and other resources while the public networks are usually free for access. The two networks have their own advantages and disadvantages and they are not substitutes of one another. The primary advantage of a WAN is that it provides fast internet connection whereas the data centers are mainly used to store the data in large data centers that require a large amount of space.

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