The usage of GSA Search Engine Ranker as one of the best SEO tools

The notion of popularity or celebrity is important for search engines. Now, for to be popular, you have to be able to get inbound links. In a highly market competitive, with sites a priori of the same value, the backlinks prove to be a real leverage to differentiate. Let’s compare the backlinks with the development of a professional network. This network will be all the more valuable if it is made up of people competent, with the same interests but occupying various positions.

What is a good backlink?

Several factors are involved in judging the quality of a backlink, knowing that in SEO today a high quality link has more value than many poor quality links. Of course, the more quality backlinks the site has, the higher the positioning and SEO will be better.

  1. The popularity of the site hosting the link

A good backlink is a link hosted by a popular and trusted site, that is to say a site which generates good traffic, updated regularly and followed by a large number of people. In this sense, a link present on a questionable directory hosting only links and does not not having a real audience is not recommended.

  1. A relevant link anchor

A neat link anchor (clickable text) is appreciated by search engines, as by Internet users. A good quality anchor is text that is adapted to the content of the original article, inserted in a suitable place, an containing a keyword or an expression relevant to the landing page.

  1. Thematic proximity

A good backlink is a link published on a site that deals with a related topic. Here again, general directories are not necessarily a good idea, unless it is a recognized directory. Several values can help to judge the quality of a site hosting a link to one of your pages: the “Trust Flow”, the “Domain Score” or the frequency of updates.

  1. A link in informative content

Many backlinks have been inserted by the site owners themselves within forum comments. Note that these links will be in no follow and will not be followed by search engines. They are therefore useless.

The specially designed tool, GSA Search Engine Ranker, makes it easier to handle the backlink profile.

The usage of GSA Search Engine Ranker 

First of all, the experts should think about GSA Search Engine Ranker to regular monitoring (and essential) of its strategy SEO. Among many other professional tools designed for web masters, GSA Search Engine Ranker allows measure the return on investment in a concrete way by analyzing the traffic before / after implementation of the strategy, the statistics of navigation, etc.

Using these tools, one must constantly ask oneself: 

  • whether the keywords chosen for site positioning are the right ones,
  • if the structure HTML adopted actually makes the site more readable (so do not hesitate to come back in its code to specify the tags more), 
  • check without stop if the backlinks are good enough. 

This that you have to get, these are backlinks from sites that have more weight than the one we are trying to reference.

The follow-up of the SEO plays a huge part in the good positioning of the site, it is not enough to simply put a strategy in place, to launch it and wait for it to bear fruit: in this sense, an internal SEO manager becomes essential, to evolve the SEO strategy of the company at the same search engine  algorithms, to make changes to all levels of the strategy, etc. 

To regularly monitor her referencing it is necessary to analyze the website visit statistics, check reports on the state of health of the site (if there are too many 404 not found pages for example, or if malware has been detected on the site). Finally to get statistics precise and detailed of the audience of its website, using a tool made available to all web masters by the research. 

It is also possible thanks to automated backlinking tool. No Hands SEO allows to know what is the traffic of the site, if it comes from computers or mobile devices, from which site internet users arrived, where they are located geographically, how long they stay on pages, etc. This helps to better understand the public interested in its publications, times to publish, etc.; in a word, to further optimize plus its SEO, by precisely measuring the impacts of each of the taken measures! 

Like most other SEO tools, it’s a free tool that doesn’t requests that an active Google account. So this is one of the best ways to implement an SEO strategy and be able to follow it over time, by being able to correct or improve it if necessary.

What do you need to know about No Hands SEO

The professional services sector continues its steady. How can a business succeed in a saturated market? Creating a solid backlink profile can give businesses the opportunity to improve their positioning on search engines, thereby increasing their visibility among their target audience.

If pages on your site are getting organic links from sources reputable, these pages can rank better

on Google, because this factor remains one of the strongest signals in his algorithm of research. But find sources quality links can be an adventure discouraging.

For the new research, one have to analyze company backlink profiles leaders in major business sectors and the use of the totally new ranking tools for propelling the website in question up to the highest ranking levels.

This information, provided with the help of the No Hands SEO will help companies find good sources of backlinks, to make decisions based on data, and to adjust their strategies of link building so as to fulfill their business goals.